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to enhance joint collaboration between the two parties in many agricultural fields.

The National Agricultural Research Center (NARC) and the Agricultural Materials Traders & Producers Association (AMATPA) concluded a memorandum of understanding to enhance joint collaboration between the two parties in many agricultural fields. Dr. Nizar Haddad, the Director General of NARC, said that this memorandum comes within the framework of effective partnership between the public and private sectors, to exchange experiences between members of the General Assembly of AMATPA and NARC's researchers in many agricultural fields, emphazising the importance of this cooperation with AMATPA in many fields, most importantly the employment of scientific research outputs, the dissemination of good agricultural practices and the introduction of modern technologies that will develop and promote the agricultural sector, in addition to integrating innovation and creativity through the Agricultural Innovation Incubator and Entrepreneurship. Eng. Muhammad Bibars, the Head of AMATPA, said that the participatory role of NARC involving the private sector in adopting the results and outputs of scientific research is meritorious, addressing the benefits that can obtained from NARC's laboratory services, especially testing fertilizers and seeds produced locally or imported, in addition to utilizing NARC stations to evaluate the local varieties of seeds and encourage investment in their production, and support the transfer of agricultural techniques and accelerate development. Bibars added that the private sector is the main accelator to adopt the results of agricultural research by embracing ideas and translating them into real and pioneering projects that have a positive impact on the process of harnessing development, in order to confront the challenges facing the agricultural sector like climatic changes and scarcity of water resources, which have become burdens to the agricultural sector.